Veyonne Day headshot


Who am I? A Buddhist, alkaline/vegan, equestrian and extreme sports enthusiast.

What am I? A visionary, Sovereign, entrepreneur, podcaster, digital asset and marketing expert, coach, motivational speaker and activist.

What do I do? Educate, influence and facilitate your journey to optimal freedom as a Sovereign, because for many years I too, was enslaved by the golden handcuff and scarcity, before I harnessed the power of an abundant mindset and manifestation.

I'm completing a Ph. D in the Philosophy of Politics. I have trained in systems created by Jeff Lerner, Jeremy Anderson, David Shands, Tony Robins and Dr. Joe Vitale to name a few. I understand that on the most fundamental level sovereignty and abundance are our birthrights. It's my purpose to facilitate other entrepreneurs via positive leadership to become sovereigns, and only trade their skill sets and time for assets. I'm very passionate about waxing philosophically and spreading sovereignty and abundance, and I'm undoubtedly becoming one of the greatest activist, coaches and motivational speakers of my generation. 

If you ready to stand on your sovereignty, I have you  literally and figuratively .